“Capital amount”of joint stock incorporation is an important factor when establishment.

“Capital amount"is a different word having the same meaning as “total share value.”

As for share price, JPY 50,000 per share is most popular.

For example, if capital amount is JPY 8 million, total share numbers are 160.

If you want to diminish each share price less than JPY 50,000, it is possible.

Less share prices and more share numbers are easy to sell for outside sponsors

especially when the company will get listed.

But you can say it is premature to make ready for listing on the market when establishment.

According to Japanese Business Law, capital amount can be set as JPY one(1) or more.

In other words, you can freely set capital amount as you think appropriate.

If you want to obtain investment visa by newly-company,

you have to set capital amount as JPY 5 million or more.

For your knowledge, capitan amount in Japan does not necessarily shows that the company holds money equal to capital amount.

This is because you can pay company expenditures out of capital amount after establishment.

It is a common knowledge in Japan many small or medium-size companies have less money than capital amount.

The fact that you can pay out of capital amount also means capital amount assists financially

newly-company until it will reach the point to reap profits by itself.

There is no pattern for capital amount in newly companies,

Each companies and businesses has different needs for expenditures after establishment.
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